The shape of things to come

For anyone reading who hasn’t heard our plans yet I thought I’d give you an insight into where we plan on heading and what we hope to get up to in the next year as well as a few of our previous adventures.

The plan has been brewing for a while now but it really came to fruition around January of this year. Telling my boss at work was about the hardest part but fortunately for me he was very supportive. So Ben, if you’re reading, thank you.

So what’s our plan? First we’re off to China. Booked over 6 months ago, we have seats on an airline I’ve never heard of but also at a price that was hard to say no to. Not expecting any luxuries. We are also going to be visiting Japan, the Philippines, Malaysia, Australia and New Zealand. Our trip is at least partly working around fitting in a few caving expeditions to Mulu (on Borneo), Meghalaya in India and Vietnam.

Very excited to see so many new and interesting places and meet some friends from around the world on the trip.

So here’s a few pics from trips in the past to so you can see what to expect.


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