Packing Lightly

Prior to our big adventure we decided to go for a short holiday in the Jura National Park in France with the Sheffield University Speleological Society (SUSS). Two weeks of caving,  canyoning,  climbing and via feratta. 

With a group of 26 of us, in a small number of cars, space is… limited.

Having a car does tend to lead to taking far more than we actually need but it all magically compresses when the boot slams shut, usually without breaking the back window. Following many hours of driving our convoy arrived at the Speleo-Gite, our base for the following week. The aim was to get all the team through the “Traverse du Verneau”. One of the big French caving through trips. Split up into six teams of four people we staggered our entries into the cave across two days to avoid running into each other too much which would slow everyone down. Incident free all the groups made it though the impressive system in times ranging from 11 to 20 hours. 

Sadly I didn’t get any photos on this trip as I didn’t want to make people hang around any longer on a trip of this nature. Fortunately we did have a couple of jaunts down much shorter caves nearby where I did manage to drag my camera. 

The second week was mostly occupied with canyoning and a bit of climbing and via feratta thrown in too. Our home for this week was a lovely gite on the edge of the Jura National Park.

Hopefully there will be a few posts on the SUSS website with some additional exciting stores from this trip but for now we’ve only got one thing on our minds and that is our first flight to China.  And unlike this trip we only have a small rucksack each to fit everything we need for the next year (more or less) so the important thing for us to remember is to pack lightly. 

All being well the next post will come to you all the way from the Peoples Republic of China…

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